I Help CEOs, Leaders and Influencers Make a Bigger Impact and Answer the Question: "What's Next?"

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David Bederman helps overwhelmed, unfulfilled CEOs and leaders connect to more purpose, more power and to make a bigger difference in the world.


Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

First off, I'm not a life coach and I don’t have a coaching "certificate".

Nobody has given me permission to do what I do.

I trained as a coach through intense and difficult real-life experiences, self-directed learning, thousands of hours of practice and being coached myself by some of the greatest coaches alive.

My life has been been consumed with finding the answers to two questions: "Who are you?" and "What is your purpose?" and what I've discovered forms the basis of my coaching philosophy.

Through a process I call deep coaching, I support men and women around the world who are ready to create more success, access more fulfillment and leave a greater impact in this world.

Over the past 20 years, before becoming a professional Coach, I built an IT consulting company, worked as director of development for a leading Non-Profit, coached aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, published a book, immigrated to Israel, spent over a decade immersed in the study of mysticism and theology, traveled the world as a SCUBA diving instructor, produced music videos for YouTube, lived on a sailboat in the North Pacific, cycled thousands of miles through Canada and the Middle East, engaged in an often obsessive pursuit of knowledge in the science of personality and human achievement, traveled coast-to-coast across Canada by motorcycle and trained with a master Kabbalist in Jerusalem.

I believe that real fulfillment in life comes when we learn to access our innate Divine gifts and then share those gifts with the world.

"Every time I speak to David Bederman I feel better about life. His ability to dive into the depths of the human experience with ease and grace is rare."

- Michael Hrostoski, Entrepreneur and CEO